Our Story

Beit El Saad was created to enrich souls with joy and wellness. Its inspiring hand-made lighting is designed to supply positive energy to the spirit.

Let me tell you our story.. My name is May, an Egyptian woman living in Cairo and the founder of Beit el Saad. Seven years ago, I was a typical businesswoman measuring success by how much money I made, which was ok; frankly speaking I was good at that. But something was missing. I asked myself “what makes me happy?” I had no answer so, I asked the same question differently, “what do I do when I feel down?” then was the answer, I go out wandering the streets of our magnificent historical districts, and each time I find myself returning home walking on air, as if my soul had been washed up.. But why? Is it because of the vivid colored glass surrounding me everywhere? 

Beit El Saad Egypt

Suddenly old memories popped up.. I remembered the small candle-lit lantern that my mother gave me as a child and how I spent hours and hours in the dark staring at its splendid colored light. I remembered myself waiting everyday for the sunlight to enter my room at dawn so that I could see my crystal chandelier reflecting rainbow beams all over the place. At the point I knew I’d solved the mystery and I asked, “how can I always be with the light?” And that was a dramatic turning point in my life. I took a brave decision, to start all over again inspite of being 48 years old. Surprisingly, my family was very supportive so it was up to me now to make my dream come true.

I took my time to observe until I had a clear vision, I started by reopening glass workshops and factories that employed techniques and methods that were as old as Egypt itself. I then began to create unusual shapes out of recycled glass and to combine them with innovative metal frames until our unique style came to life. This evolved into a ‘trend’, which took us to another level and allowed us to be the most talked about and visited gallery in Egypt.

As we all know nothing lasts forever, our competitors penetrated the factories supplying our products causing chaos and spreading our designs without our consent. So we figured out that it was time to start producing entirely in-house. By working very hard and fast we created several new lines and collections. We also trained a team of trustworthy women who had the patience and talent to work with diverse and often miniscule materials without getting bored. Considering their social problems, we changed the company’s policy and offered them the possibility to work from home in order to earn money while being able to attend to their children.

As for our cherished clients, we became fully capable of offering them custom-made lighting. We realized that often, the more creative and efficient designs come out of satisfying their demands. Our ultimate goal now is to share our authentic ‘made with love’ lighting with the world. Indeed, this will be a blessing.